What are the parts suitable for CNC machining centers contain?

1, the CNC instrumentation lathe braun thermoscan thermometer is suitable for processing parts with very high precision regulations, because the manufacturing of machining center has high precision, good rigidity, more accurate tool setting, and can easily and quickly carry out specification compensation, so it can produce and process product workpieces with high specification accuracy standards.

2, CNC instrumentation lathe is Graphics miner suitable for the production and processing of these parts with more complicated appearance of the wheel corridor, and the random plane curve can be approached by parallel lines or arcs, and the machining center has the role of arc interpolation method, so the machining center can not only produce and process the rotating body whose prime lines are parallel lines, but also produce and process the rotating body whose prime lines are curved figures.

3, CNC instrumentation lathe is precision cnc machined parts suitable for many kinds of small and medium-sized batch production parts, along with the further reduction of the manufacturing cost of machining center, at present, both in China and overseas, the production and processing of large quantities of parts has also occurred. Production and processing of not large large quantities and bulk production and manufacturing, if you can reduce the length of the calibration of the program process, that is, the host program preparation and adjustment and work clothes, that is, the time of the knife, the amount, the intention of the tooling fixture can also be used.

4, CNC instrumentation lathe is suitable for the production and processing of small roughness value of zero. In the product workpiece and milling cutter raw material, boring capacity and CNC insert perspective of a certain condition, the appearance of roughness lies in the cutting amount and the rate of tool walking. General CNC lathe is a stable speed ratio. Bore diameter is not the same, the cutting amount is not the same, that is, the angular speed is not the same, and the machining center has a constant linear speed drilling role, turning the inner hole, not the same hole diameter outer circle can use the same angular speed, to ensure that the value of the appearance roughness is both small and consistent, in milling the appearance roughness is not the same surface layer, the surface roughness of the small appearance using a small walking rate, the surface roughness of the large appearance using a large point of walking rate. The plasticity is very good, which is difficult to ensure in general CNC lathe.


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