Curtains to buy some skills, hand by hand to teach you to buy their own favorite curtains,blind curtain with curtains dress up a business senior sense of home

Recently in the renovation of a new house with friends, usually know that friends home conditions are good, but see her curtain budget or let me call the "big family".

But, my friend thinks, "Curtains are the biggest soft outfit in the home and a durable item that has been hung for years." wall curtainQuality is really important, you can't just follow the trend and choose Internet celebrity models at random!"

I look at her curtains, which are still wrinkled after nearly seven years, and look at my old curtains, and look at the cotton curtains all around me... ... Well, among other things, the visual feel is very different, no wonder our family can't get a "big movie feel".

I benefit a lot from learning from my friends. Today, I would like to share with you her experience in buying curtains. Hope everyone can buy nice curtains (ω).

Health and safety always come first

Under the development model of budget-conscious thinking, curtain stylesmany people will want to buy cheap curtains, but they fail to realize that if there are some unsafe factors without curtains, they will pay a huge health management cost (ಥ_ಥ).

Health and safety is always the first, when buying curtains, you should first check the environmental detection certificate of the curtain to ensure that the curtain does not carry formaldehyde, aromatic amines and other carcinogens.

At the same time, the curtain is the biggest "vacuum cleaner" in the house, and the children love to hide and seek in it. emmm, it's really scary to think!!

It is recommended to choose curtains with antibacterial function, which are not only very friendly to the breathing tube, but also do not need to be cleaned frequently, saving more time to go out and play.

Choose high-precision curtains

Curtain fabrics have different characteristics. The main curtain fabrics are flannel, cotton and linen, chenille, polyester, high precision and so on. The specific features are as follows.

The general content of the curtain fabric is divided into two or more analysis of four kinds, it can be said that each has its own characteristics, want to have the development of the fabric with a Chinese high-level sense, the focus should be on the net surface rate and grams of the fabric.

The net surface rate and weight of the fabric are directly proportional to the touch, appearance, texture and droop of the fabric, and the higher the net surface rate and weight of the fabric, the better the feel, appearance, texture and droop of the fabric, and vice versa.

For example, the European and American fabric standards require only a small flaw of no more than 2 centimeters per 2.5 meters. Curtains that exceed this standard tend to be more advanced, more resistant, and less prone to pilling.

Technical details determine success or failure

Three-point cut, seven-point work, heavy earth fabric has a nice work that can add an advanced feel. No matter whether the curtain looks beautiful, whether it is smooth and neat to hang, it is inseparable from a good production process.

So when we choose a good fabric, do not forget the process details - whether to use the process of locking packaging? How's the suture? Do you have cloth? Are vertical technologies used? What about the quality of the auxiliary materials... Let's wait.

One point of price, one point of goods, with a Chinese sense of high-grade curtains is a small workshop to imitate learning. Especially for the curtains bought in the online shop, online through the picture can look really good, buy home a large probability will find that there are many company flaws hidden - after cleaning may not be wrinkled, fabric stitching will be clearly analyzed and visible, accessories development is a plastic feeling, where to talk about advanced sense.

To high-grade feeling curtains, it is recommended to skip the small workshop directly and go to the national chain store comparison in person.

The color of the curtains should be uniform

A home full of advanced sense often has a unified style in color and design, rather than choosing the online celebrity style.

We are really excited to look at this image, but buyers often find it very incompatible with the home, but the overall appearance is also very incongruous.

When we do not know how to match the color, we can choose a curtain with a slightly darker color than the wall, or a curtain with a similar color to the furniture and decorative paintings, so that we can better achieve the unity of style.

How to judge the shading of curtains?

Good blackout curtains can not only block light, but also reduce noise, which will make the whole room a quiet and beautiful ~~

It can gently cherish our every dream, let us spend a lazy morning in the city, and the growing child's brain can also get some sleep

I wonder how the curtains block out the light? Don't forget to bring a flashlight when you go to the shop to look at the curtains. Just try it out, and don't forget that the curtain box in the bedroom is more dark.

Whether the noise can be reduced is easier to test, and you can hide behind the finished curtain to feel the external sound change.

After sales will be super easy

Most people think they choose the curtains themselves, cut them in the store and hang them up when they get home. In fact, many curtain brand stores have after-sales service.

After-sales management services mainly include the following but not limited to: measurement, installation, repair, maintenance, replacement parts... Let's wait.

Well, choosing a big brand really feels super easy, and be sure to ask for after-sales service when buying curtains (* ^ gradient ^ *)

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