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Usually the quality of sleep is not good, sleep is not good, afraid of noise, also afraid of cold. Therefore, we choose curtains for elderly people's rooms, pay more attention to creating a quiet and elegant sleeping environment, which is conducive to their physical and mental health.curtain designs What about curtains for the elderly bedroom? Let's take a look at the tips for choosing bedroom curtains for the elderly.

How to choose bedroom curtains for the elderly? Tips for choosing bedroom curtains for the elderly

1, according to curtain performance

When buying curtains for the elderly room, pay attention to the curtains do not too heavy and long, too heavy curtains will lead to the inconvenience of pushing and pulling, curtains if too long may bind the elderly. So try to choose lightweight and easy to use curtains.

2, according to the curtain area

Bedroom is a place for the elderly to sleep and rest, choose a slightly darker double curtains are more appropriate.focal shade Dark curtain fabrics have good shading performance and can rest well in the sun. At night, you can pull the inner layer of tulle, breathable and artistic.

3, according to the curtain feng shui

Choose to carry out the curtains can also be by following the students certain feng shui of the bedroom. Curtains to control the color is the best to be able to meet the five elements of the old man's destiny like the color of different materials, so that we will improve the healthy development of these old people to help. For example, if the old man's destiny is like wood, it can be based on the choice of a green wooden curtain rod curtains; if the old man's destiny is like earth, then choose yellow color curtains; if the old man's destiny is like gold, choose the metal rod curtains; if the old man's destiny is like water, then use this blue water pattern curtains.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the choice of pattern, try not to choose too fashionable, alternative, exaggerated abstract patterns, such as skulls, ferocious animals and so on.custom blinds This will make the ancients hang up and think nonsense, and it also predicts bad luck in feng shui. In feng shui, the ceiling, walls and floor represent heaven, earth and people, in order to achieve harmony between heaven, earth and people, the color of the curtains or wallpaper should be deeper than the ceiling and lighter than the floor.

4, according to the curtain color

Generally speaking, double curtains are more suitable for the elderly. During the day, you can pull the thin gauze curtains to properly adjust the brightness of the room and protect the eyes of the elderly from glare. The other layer is a thick cotton curtain, breathable, can ensure a certain warmth, especially at night, can prevent the elderly from catching cold. At the same time, thick curtains can create a quiet environment, conducive to sleep.

Because the eyes of the elderly are not as sharp as those of young people and are afraid of stimulation, the color of the curtains should not be too dark or too bright. For example, black is too dark, easy to make the room look dark, affecting the mood of the old; white and red is too bright, easy to make the eyes shake. Dark blue curtains are usually preferred.

5, according to the curtain pattern

The pattern of the bedroom curtains for the elderly is mainly simple and clear. It is recommended that the pattern is mainly striped, simple and generous, and the color tone should be matched. Do not choose those too large or complex patterns of fancy curtains, which can easily lead to dizziness in the elderly.

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