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How to identify real and fake watches through appearance teaching method

How to identify real and fake watches through appearance teaching method

It hasn't been updated in a while. Today we will update the Emperor Helmsman watch authenticity authentication tutorial. TUDOR Clair de Rose M35500-0004 Taking the Tudor Prince series M74000 as an example, other series can refer to the identification logic.

The same old rules start with the dial system, the lettering system and the accessories.

The pointer system, the scale is full and shiny, and the edge is free of burrs. TUDOR Black Bay Bronze M79250BA-0001 Pointer mirror polishing, flat flat, sharp sharp, round round, no burr, miter and other scissors marks.

In addition, the dial system can be looked at, but also pay attention to their own special characters, such as the TUDOR letter "R" on the dial foot, and such as a letter "U" on both sides of the width is not the same, we need to pay special attention to, however, in different product series of Tudor watch, this problem is not the fixed shape of the enterprise, Can only be used as an auxiliary identification point. But the same is to learn that there must be no ink overflow between the letters, ink adhesion and other situations.

Secondly, look at the writing system, the writing system mainly looks at three places,

The first is the serial number of the strap, TUDOR Royal M28403-0009 the second is the lettering on the back of the case, and the third is the lettering on the keys.

At present, all brand-name watches are carved in accordance with the "round said", there will be no burrs, if there are, basically sure to be fake watches.

The third step is to look at accessories, such as the strap shaft, the dog teeth on the back of the case.

For example, the spring connection head of the watch buckle has a groove, and the development of both ends is compared, and there is no burr and obtrusion.

As another example, when the screw in the workbench part is unscrewed, you will see that although the screw is flat, the thread is fine and smooth. In addition, the edges of the flat head are chamfered. After tightening, on the other side of the tape you can see the side of the tape, if you zoom in you can see the chamfer, but the screw will not go beyond the side of the tape.

Finally, the dog tooth on the back of the case. When the dog teeth are enlarged, you can see that the shape of each tooth is very uniform, there are no burrs, and the tooth corners are the same.

Royal rudder watches look real and fake from the outside. It is basically based on the tutorial above. It would be good to catch the points and check them. So far, fake watches have failed to achieve all the above details. After all, costs are limited.

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