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Healthy skin needs to moisturize the cuticle and strengthen the moisture barrier

Step 1: Moisturize. Instantly recharge your skin.

The slogan of major skin care brands is always inseparable from "moisturizing and moisturizing", which shows the importance of "water" for the skin! Thermage FLX In fact, the intake of adequate water can help nutrients to be transported throughout the body, speed up the body's metabolism, eliminate excess waste in the body, and make the skin look good. Clinique's 72-Hour Self-Repair Moisturizing Gel, 72-hour Moisturizing Cream and Deep moisturizing Essence can replenish the skin with a large amount of moisturizing energy, lock the moisture between the skin lipids, prevent the continuous loss of soil moisture, and effectively play a day-long moisturizing effect, leaving the skin hydrated and full.

Tip 2: Moisturize deeply and wake up your skin

In order to restore young skin and have young immortal muscles, it is not only necessary to moisturize daily, but also to ensure that the nutrients required by the skin can penetrate into the bottom of the muscle. Elizabeth Ardenh's new time-space elastic microcapsule skin care essence, adding a new micron capsule coating technology, the camellia oil fermentation essence into the micron capsule, when applied to release the nutrients needed by the skin, directly to the bottom of the skin conditioning. Other key ingredients include precious red algae extracted from Scandinavian waters in northern Europe, molecular nail (ceramide) that strengthens moisturizing ingredients in the skin, effectively improves the natural moisturizing barrier, deeply moisturizes the skin and prevents aging. Orchid essence is also added to the serum to extract the rare Japanese shrimp orchid through sustainable technology to help wake up the skin and make subsequent skincare products more easily absorbed by the skin.

Step 3: Efficient water lock. Restore the brightness of water.

In addition to moisturizing and moisturizing, pay attention to the steps of skin water lock, avoid water loss, and keep the skin moist and shiny. Grange Hui has combined innovative skin care technology from Korea to create the Waterpost TM 72-Hour Moisturizer. Light and moist in texture, its precious moisturizing ingredients are derived from the Jeju Island River in the South China Sea, integrated with the brand's most advanced moisturizing water locking technology and patented Teosi Blue Water Lily Essence, endless moisture permeates the bottom layer of the skin, providing a moisturizing effect of up to 72 hours, leaving the skin moist and full in an instant.

Fourth, moisturize the stratum corneum, enhance the moisture barrier, and smooth the muscles

Healthy skin needs to moisturize the cuticle and strengthen the moisture barrier. Kieer's Medical Moisturizing Essence uses an innovative moisturizing formula - Juvederm Moisturizing Factor, which is composed of vegetable glycerin and shilla leaf essence, to help lock in the deep moisture of the skin surface, penetrate into the skin's 10 cuticle layers, and create a skin reservoir. In addition, Emperor's special moisturizer has a super moisturizing formula, which can provide multiple moisturizing defenses, including 24-hour long-lasting moisturizing, preventing skin moisture loss, effectively improving skin moisture, strengthening moisture barrier, reducing skin moisture loss rate, and ensuring skin is always hydrated and elastic.

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