How to pretend to travel abroad? These places help you

Going abroad is not easy, but even if you stay in the country to travel, China’s great rivers and mountains can also bring you a world-like shock.

Although one is located in the deep mountains and the other is located in the tropical sea, the two locations that seem to be out of reach, are wonderfully connected by travelers because of the water. Hubei Hefeng avoids the gorge, with deep crevices and thousands of high walls. The water flowing in it is as clear as a mirror. As the boat passed by, the reflection of the boat left a shadow in the crystal clear water, as if the boat was floating in the air, and the beauty of Semporna's fire all over the network was perfectly reproduced here. Walking through the narrow canyons will also give travelers an illusion, as if you can pass through here to reach the Taohuayuan described by Tao Yuanming.

Jingbian Wave Valley

Although the Valley of Waves in the United States is beautiful and magnificent, travelers need to draw numbers or draw lots in advance to visit. The Wave Valley in Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province is not difficult to reach, and it still allows travelers to enjoy the beautiful world wonders. The rocks of Jingbian Wave Valley are mainly composed of red sandstone. After countless winds and rains, the rocks show strange postures and colors, which are typical Danxia landforms. Especially under the sunlight, the texture on the rock is clearly visible, darker or lighter, and the red becomes more dense and thick, echoing the blue sky.


Shimian Menghuo City

Menghuo City, also known as Shimian Menghuo City Scenic Area, is located at the junction of Ya'an and Liangshan in Sichuan. The original ecology and beautiful natural environment here make it known as "Little Switzerland in China". The large meadow in Menghuo City is the world's first release of wild giant pandas, which shows that it has a comfortable and livable ecological environment. In the middle of this vast meadow, stands a thousand-year-old dead tree, which is enshrined as a sacred tree by the locals. Surrounding the virgin forest is a red rock beach covered with red moss, which brings more agile colors to the lush green. The mountains are undulating, winding paths, wild flowers blooming everywhere, and flocks of cattle and sheep, like being in a natural pasture in Switzerland.


Huocheng County, located in the northwest of the Ili River Valley, is an important town on the northern road of the ancient Silk Road. Every year from mid-May to late June is the season when lavender blooms and blooms most. Huocheng's unique geographical location provides an excellent growing environment for lavender. The sandy loam and meadow soil here are soft and delicate, with moderate fertility and good arable layer structure. The Huocheng lavender producing area and the lavender of Provence in France are at the same latitude. The climate and soil conditions are very similar, so Huocheng also Known as the "Hometown of Lavender in China".

Shitang Xiaoruo Village

When it comes to colorful villages, many people think of Guanajuato in Mexico and the Cinque Terre in Italy. But even in China, there are also small villages and towns that can be compared. Xiaoruo Village, Shitang, Zhejiang is located in a remote area of ​​Taizhou, Zhejiang. There is no deliberate planning, so it has a unique layout today. Walking in it, you can choose to fork the road without thinking about where it leads. The houses with macarons on both sides satisfy the hearts of countless girls, and the dreamlike colors are more distinctive under the background of the sea and the sun.

Although it has become an Internet celebrity village due to the use of bold colors, the simplicity and tradition of the fishing village has not disappeared. The lives of local residents have not changed much, but are perfectly integrated with these fantastic buildings. Local elderly people will still do the same as usual. On days with good weather, they will take out the seafood to dry on the balcony or rooftop, or lie on the chairs and blow the sea breeze. In the days when the fishermen do not have to go out to sea to fish, their life is still the same calm and leisurely.

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is 504.6 kilometers long and has an average depth of more than 2,200 meters, far exceeding the 370 kilometers in length and 1,500 meters in average depth of the Colorado Grand Canyon. It is the largest canyon in the world. The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon can also be called one of the most mysterious areas on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The natural water vapor channel that continuously transports water vapor to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau makes the southeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau a green world. The vertical drop and abundant water resources provide an ideal home for countless precious wild animals and plants.

For travelers, it is also full of fatal attractions. The virgin forests rarely visited by people, the magnificent bend of the Yarlung Zangbo River, and the towering Nanga Bawa Peak all form a landscape completely different from the desolate Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Travel 旅行


Mohe Arctic Village

Even if you can't go to the Nordic countries, Mohe Village can realize the Nordic imagination for travelers to a certain extent. Mohe Village is located in Mohe Township, Daxinganling Region, and is known as the "City that Never Sleeps" and "Shenzhou Arctic". As the northernmost county town in China, the ice, snow, and magical celestial phenomena are often beautiful natural landscapes that can be seen. In the days in Mohe Village, it is quiet and leisurely, chatting with the simple folks, tasting local specialties, and feeling the exclusive happiness from the northernmost end.

Devil City

The famous "devil city" in Xinjiang, Wuerhe Wind City, has a unique Yadan landform. About 100 million years ago, it was once a huge lake. Because of the movement of the earth's crust, the lake gradually dried up, and a wonderful and bizarre natural phenomenon appeared: hills and sandstones rising from the ground. It took millions of years of sun, rain, wind and rain to form today's spectacle.

Yadan means "steep hill" in Uyghur language. From a distance, Wuerhe Wind City is magnificent and majestic, with turquoise hills rolling up and down. And if you go deep into this windy city, you can feel its weirdness, mystery, and even horror. There is no grass growing here, all sides are desolate, the whistling wind whizzes past the ears, after passing through the mound, it is like the cry of human beings, which makes people's hair stand up.


What is a history of travel?

Travel history: What is it? The nations you have previously visited outside of your country of residence are referred to as your travel history (for visa application purposes). Many nations ask applicants to list the places they've been in the last five to ten years, along with the dates of arrival and exit.

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What does a travel agent charge? A travel agency will typically just charge you a little fee, and occasionally they won't charge you anything at all. They receive commission payments from hotels and distributors for a large portion of their income. Ask whether there are any fees before choosing to book using a travel agent.

How do I travel wisely?

45 Tips for Smarter Travel
Verify the expiration date on your passport. Obtain travel insurance. "Get TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry. Don't believe everything you read online at face value. Consult a travel expert. Any significant events, such as birthdays or celebrations, should be mentioned to your travel companion.

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While generally delightful and even life-changing, travel can often be stressful. Stress levels may increase rather than decrease due to a lack of familiar support networks, disturbed daily routines, language challenges, culture shock, and unforeseen circumstances.

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