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Body hair refers to all hair on the body, including brows, hair, nose dermes hairlesshair, beard, armpit hair, and so on. Body hair serves a unique function in our human body, and many people nowadays shave their hair for aesthetic reasons.

Today we'll discuss body hair, what it is, and what it will do to your body if you shave it off. You should be aware.

What does body hair do?

In general, body hair can play an important role in environmental protection, protecting their skin from bacteria and dust, and a role in heat dissipation and cold, but the role varies depending on the part of the body hair.


Hair can play a role in regulating body temperature, cold wind, vascular constriction, and hair can dermeskeep the head warm. As a result, the hair serves two functions: heat preservation and heat dissipation.

Thousands of hairs twine around the skull, forming the body's first line of defense. Thick, healthy, and clean hair is beneficial to health because it protects the head from external mechanical and bacterial damage.


A good set of brows can boost a person's beauty and make them appear more refined.

Eyebrows can help protect the eyes by preventing liquids from entering the eyes and allowing water droplets to flow down the sides rather than directly into the eyes. They can also keep out dandruff or other fine dust from businesses, preventing the appearance of these affecting bacteria or stains from entering an eye.


Eyelashes grow in 2-3 rows on the front lip of the lid margin, short and curved. Protect the student eye economy from any foreign invasion, have shade, to prevent some dust, foreign bodies, sweat we enter the eye, and eyelids cannot be together on the cornea, eye activity for environmental protection.

Nasal hair

These hairs grow on the nose's mucous membrane, much like sentries at the entrance to the whistle. They are responsible dermesfor preventing dust and bacteria from entering the nose and into the body when they breathe. These hairs not only prevent large foreign bodies from entering the nasal cavity, but also transmit information to the nervous system to cause sneezing and remove them.

Can body hair be shaved off?

Although body hair can be shaved, but it is not recommended to shave at will, shaving body hair will not make body hair grow more and more, but it may make body hair grow faster and make body hair longer, for men, body hair is a symbol of manliness, there is no need to shave body hair, as the saying goes, "good men are hairy", if the body hair are shaved off, it may look a little If you shave off all your body hair, you may look a bit "girly".

And body hair everywhere in the body are playing their role, if not particularly luxuriant, it is still recommended that we do not shave off, in addition to the body hair in these places, there are two body hair troubled many people, that is - armpit hair and anal hair.

If the two body hair is very strong, people will especially want to scrape off, so whether it should be scraped?

Armpit hair

Armpit hair is an appendage of the skin, has the role of perspiration, reduce the patient's skin friction, and protect their skin. So we generally this case enterprise if students are not a career needs, armpit hair is not very dense, is not recommended that they always shave out, after shaving out will reduce the armpit hair it's own physiological function role.

Secondly, it is easy to damage the skin when scraping the skin. In addition, after using some poor quality hair removal cream, the hair just partly burned, leaving many black stubble, which is very unsightly. In addition, the use of hair removal cream is also easy to cause skin irritation and allergy.

Anal hair

Growing anal hair is a normal phenomenon, and the density of anal hair varies from person to person. Since anal hair has a certain protective effect on human health, anal hair can keep the anus ventilated and also prevent bacteria from entering the body through the anus and prevent bacterial infections in the anus and rectum.

Under normal circumstances it is not recommended to shave the anal hair, the body is not good to shave.

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