What should I pay special attention to when choosing an online payment gateway?

Four aspects. Specifically.


Whether the payment platform company enterprise has the strength, global payments card processing fees whether the payment company can resist hacking attacks, and whether it may run away.

Whether we are for student user management or a website itself, are the first thing to consider.

2, the cost

To connect these payment tools with your site, you need to pay a variety of fees, such as transaction fees, cross-country transaction fees.

Such as transaction fees, cross-country transaction fees, docking fees, monthly fees, withholding processing fees, etc., which is a large fee.

3、Supported credit cards

50% of online shoppers say they would abandon a purchase if they couldn't use their preferred payment method.

Use your site's analytics to see which countries' shoppers visit your site - preferred payment methods may vary by country.

4. Services

As an overseas payment tool, the service is certainly not as good as domestic foreign card payment companies. But there is no way around it, service is still important.


Are credit card processing costs transferable?

Whether to share them with customers or pay them internally is up for debate. In 2022, the majority of state laws permit businesses to charge customers for credit card fees.

How much will processing cost?

Each time they accept a debit or credit card payment, businesses are charged processing fees. There are various price structures used by payment processors, including flat fees per transaction, percentages of each transaction, and even both.

How can I determine the cost of processing credit cards?

Finding the effective rate is the easiest technique to calculate credit card processing costs. By dividing the entire amount deducted for processing by the total monthly sales, the effective rate may be obtained. Your effective rate is the total you arrive at after the calculation.


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