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1. Pipes must be closed and soundproofed

The sound of "gurgling" water coming from the bathroom often affects life and sleep. Therefore, when wrapping the riser, it is necessary to perform sound insulation and noise reduction treatment on the riser.australia quartz and all Use sound insulation materials such as rubber and plastic boards to wrap the pipe in multiple layers, and then use light steel keels or light bricks to surround the riser. Make the pipeline achieve good noise reduction and moisture-proof effects.

2. Bathtub treatment needs to be careful

If you choose to use a bathtub in your bathroom, you need to determine the product type in advance, because both massage bathtubs and steam bathtubs require power and reserved circuits. Moreover, the power of the bathtub is different,shower wall panels perth and the requirements for the type of wire are also different. Some must use 4 square millimeter wires.

3. The socket must be waterproof

The sockets in the bathroom must be sufficient, otherwise there will be time problems later. If you want to reserve an information socket next to the wash basin,quartz benchtop brisbane you can place a hair dryer; if you want to install an artificial intelligence toilet or a clean toilet cover such as a washlet, you need to reserve an ordinary socket next to the toilet. In addition, for safety reasons, it is best to use some waterproof sockets with covers.

4. Abandoned pipes can be closed

How do you block the original drain if you don't use the toilet or bathtub afterwards? Experts suggest that since sewer pipes are PVC pipes, they can be leveled with PVC adhesive and then leveled with cement mortar. Even if you need to use sewer pipes in the future, rake the cement mortar and scrape the glue directly with a wallpaper knife.

5. The waterproofing of the bathroom floor is very important.

The ground waterproofing materials currently on the market are mainly waterproofing agents. And when laying the waterproof layer of sanitary ware, it should be laid 20 centimeters above the foot of the wall, and the height of the waterproof layer should not be lower than the threshold height. When pipes are reserved on the floor, the waterproof layer of the reserved pipes must be maintained.

6. Details of laying floor tiles

When laying floor tiles, pay attention to the consistency of the thickness of the joints of the floor tiles and align them with the joints of the wall tiles; the floor tiles should have a drainage slope. If a bathtub is installed in the bathroom, the front wall of the bathtub must be bricked. It is best to lay the floor tiles under the wall first and then the wall tiles to avoid breakage.

7. Bathroom circuit laying details

The joints of the wires in the bathroom should be tinned, and wrapped with a waterproof tape and an insulating protective tape to prevent leakage. All wire bodies must be covered with flame-retardant tubes. It is best to develop switches and sockets with moisture-proof boxes or install them in different dry areas.

8. Bathroom wall tile details

Moisture-proof and waterproofing must also be done before wall tiles are laid, ensuring that the wall tiles are level and must pass joints with the floor tiles. Align the wall and floor to ensure a sense of unity.

9.PVC ceiling waterproof and moisture-proof

Made of polyvinyl chloride as raw material, it is light in weight after processing. Easy to install. waterproof. Moths and other advantages. The surface color patterns vary widely, and it has excellent properties such as anti-pollution and easy cleaning. Also, it is better to buy medium quality PVC sheets.

10. Bathroom floor drain construction details

Generally, the reserved holes for drainage when a new house is handed over are larger than one, which requires us to pay attention to renovating the reserved holes for the drainage system to make it highly consistent with the purchased floor drain. In order to prevent the entry of hair, sludge, sand and other dirt, the opening diameter of the floor drain grate should be controlled between 6-8mm.

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