Why use SAP? What role and value does SAP have for enterprises?

As the current global mainstream management software supplier, SAP is no stranger to all walks of life. In fact, many companies are still at a foggy stage regarding the concept of ERP systems. They know that ERP is the key to enterprise transformation, and they also know that 86% of the world's top 500 companies are using SAP. But why should enterprises use ERP and why should they choose SAP? What value can ERP bring to enterprises? Is it the ease of use, stability or flexibility of enterprise management?

In the information age, global enterprises have entered a state of fierce competition of "survival of the fittest". Enterprises under the traditional management model will fail due to low efficiency, high costs, backward awareness, and information isolation. This is why ERP exists. As an information construction for enterprise transformation, ERP focuses on finance and capital management, highly unifies capital flow,SAP HR information flow, logistics and work flow, strengthens internal management of the enterprise, and standardizes the internal business control process of the enterprise.

For enterprises, ERP is not only a set of software, but also a complete set of enterprise management ideas. Only by combining ERP management ideas with its own corporate characteristics to establish a customized ERP system can enterprises unleash the value of ERP. This is why many companies mentioned at the beginning have not yet understood ERP and what ERP can bring to the company. They blindly choose the ERP system without knowing whether it can match the characteristics of the company.sap implementation services I only saw the cost comparison in front of me, but gave up on the big cake in the future.

What enterprises need is an ERP system that can combine their own characteristics and develop together. And this is what makes SAP unique.sap erp hk Currently, 86% of the world's top 500 companies choose SAP because SAP always represents advanced management thinking. Its high degree of flexibility and stability will continue to change management ideas and business models as the company develops. It can not only achieve The company's planning goals also achieve profitable and sustainable development of the company.

In general, the role that SAP plays in enterprise transformation is very critical. It can optimize the entire sales process, improve the sales level of salesmen, achieve more orders, and also improve customer satisfaction. Significantly reducing inventory levels reduces various unnecessary costs for enterprises. At the same time, the SAP system optimizes the company's internal resources and the entire industry supply chain to improve the efficiency of the company. Management can achieve effective decision-making through accurate data analysis provided by SAP.

SAP system implementation mainly relies on SAP partners, and the implementation results depend on the level of implementation partner consultants. There are a large number of custom tools to support the individual needs of enterprises.


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