I believe most people are familiar with the insurance industry. After all, there are 50 million people working in the insurance agency industry in China. It's hard to find a family in the marketplace that has never bought or heard of insurance.

However, there is a chronic problem of low threshold and fast training in the insurance agency industry. Many people join the insurance agency industry and learn nothing else. After listening to many marketing techniques,索償 they either bought a lot of insurance themselves or pulled people around them into the pit of junk insurance. After all, most of the insurance policies on the market are not suitable for the average person, but with the insurance company's packaging, most people get hot-headed and buy a policy that is not suitable for them. When they finally need to use the insurance, they often don't get what they were initially promised.

Insurance companies offer a wide variety of insurance products every year. Many insurance salesmen make various promises to policyholders, deceiving them into buying their own insurance with verbal promises of high returns and low risk.

If you really want to invest in insurance financial products, you should pay attention to the settlement rate and the guaranteed interest rate. The former is usually announced on the official website of the insurance company, which is the interest rate that customers actually receive; the latter is the income promised by the insurance company.

Exaggerating the policyholder's income is a common problem in all kinds of insurance sales, so be sure to pay more attention to it. It is important to know that one of the principles of insurance allocation is to insure first and receive later. For most families, do not covet insurance policies that promise high returns. The main role of insurance is not to manage money, but to give yourself added protection in times of hardship. Give priority to personal insurance such as catastrophic insurance and accident insurance.

Today I will help you summarize the five basic principles of buying insurance, so that you can choose a more suitable insurance for yourself when you take out insurance.

First of all, you have to understand the specifics of this insurance and see if it is suitable for you in combination with your personal reality. Understand what the real needs of yourself or your family are, understanding the needs is the first step in buying the right insurance.

Secondly, buy according to the family request, not just focus on personal needs. What is the fundamental role of insurance? In a family where one member faces an accident, insurance is a commodity that acts as a stabilizing transition for the entire family economy. After all, it is essentially difficult for me to enjoy the financial benefits of insurance after most accidents. When taking out insurance, I should also pay more attention to my family's needs and how to get my family through a crisis.

Third, assurance first, then financial management. Many of my friends may be excited about what insurance salesmen say about high-return insurance. This is the insurance company's way of catching everyone's mentality of taking advantage of the situation and selling their insurance. When you don't have any business insurance, the first thing to consider is life and health insurance. After you get enough personal coverage, further consider insurance for your financial plan. Some people may find it strange, isn't it a good thing to make money while being able to ensure your health? It is important to understand that insurance companies also want to make a profit and cannot let the policyholder take pure advantage. Most of these semi-finished products combining insurance and finance have many loopholes. The essence of insurance is still to protect people's basic life, not to say that I am short of money recently and I need to use it to increase my income.

Fourth, the big risks first and then the small risks. We must guard against the danger of possible bankruptcy overnight. For example, the most typical health insurance is very cost-effective, but many of my friends find it expensive, with a deductible of $10,000, so they choose not to buy health insurance. That's not how this account works. Although he has a $10,000 deductible, this is our hope for survival when he encounters a major illness or accident. Don't pay out for the little things.

In the end, the kind of protection our insurance will provide depends on the company's terms and conditions, not on the salesperson's verbal promises. Understanding the terms of a claim is the only way to avoid junk insurance.

Many people ask me in the background if a company's insurance product is good and if this insurance is a scam. There is nothing wrong with insurance, only what is not right for you. Combine that with the five insurance tips I'm sharing today to help you get the best insurance!

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