Current Status and Prospect Analysis of Degradable Tableware

Faced with the increasingly prominent environmental biodegradable utensils management issues in daily life, self-degradable daily necessities have attracted a lot of attention. Among them, disposable tableware made of paper, wood, straw, corn starch, and biodegradable plastic have also attracted the attention of the Chinese public. Interest, but as people can find that disposable chopsticks and other wooden tableware are restricted from being used because of the waste of resources caused by themselves, and other degradable tableware is currently not popularized in my country, but crystal tableware is highly recycled. The value has not been effectively promoted. Now we need to study and analyze the current situation and prospects of degradable tableware together.

The main problems facing the development of disposable degradable tableware in my country are the lack of practicability and the higher education problem of manufacturing technology cost management. As a container for Chinese food, the water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and oil and salt properties of the tableware are the basic work requirements. However, Both straw and corn starch have poor water resistance and insufficient strength. In order to improve the performance of the system, additives must be added. These additives must be more in line with food-grade requirements and increase social costs. There are still shortcomings in issues such as waterproof and anti-permeability. Usually, it will be damaged if it is not used for too long to study.

However, the cost of degradable plastics is relatively high, and it is still in the research and development stage. Its degradation conditions are quite harsh. For example, photosensitive degradation needs to be carried out in the sun, which is inconvenient to use and handle as disposable tableware. Therefore, at present, the disposable crystal tableware that is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly is reasonable. It is undeniable that degradable materials will be gradually optimized and transformed in the future. After solving the problem of use demand and cost, it will become the main trend of popular daily necessities. We also hope that these products can.

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