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Many families will now lay a layer of carpet on the floor to make the vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofaliving room more beautiful and to protect the ground. Carpet has good elasticity, sound absorption, softness, and beauty, and it always gives people a warm feeling. It can provide us with gentle comfort and make us feel welcoming. However, if the floor is used frequently, it must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the growth of bacteria and to keep it clean and hygienic.

What carpet cleaning methods are available? The following are some simple carpet cleaning methods to understand!

What carpet cleaning methods are available?

If you have a chemical fiber carpet in your home, we can use the waterKenzo Kidswear extraction washing method.

The procedure is as follows: we vacuum it first, then spray some cleaning agent on the carpet about 15 minutes later, and then use the scrubber to extract and wash. While cleaning the carpet, we should use the water suction machine to suck the washed carpet, which will speed up the drying process and allow the carpet to dry completely.

If you have a pure wool carpet in your home, we can use the dry foam cleaning method.

The specific operation is as follows: we first use a vacuum cleaner green testto thoroughly vacuum the carpet, then we deal with any local stains, and finally we dilute the carpet foam cleaner and inject it into the foam box. Then, for a few minutes, brush the carpet with dry foam and repeat. To speed up the drying process and allow the carpet hairs to dry completely, we can use a carpet comb or rake to comb up the carpet cilia.

Carpet cleaning myths

Some people believe that when the carpet becomes dirty, it should be cleaned right away, but this is not the case.

It is advised not to rush to clean it if there is little dirt on its surface. If necessary, rinse with water. The softness of the carpet will be reduced and even fading will occur after a certain number of times.

Some people believe that they can remove stubborn stains by simply using strong bleach water.

However, while bleach is powerful, the carpet will retain chemical stains on its surface after contact with bleach, and may even become corroded and deformed.

Some people will put it in the sun after cleaning to dry faster, but this is not the best method.

This is because the carpet is soft; if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, it will become hard, making stepping up uncomfortable. It is recommended that after cleaning, the carpet be left in the sun to dry for 1-2 hours.

Furthermore, there will be some tips in the process of daily use and care that, if mastered, will give you a lot less trouble cleaning the carpet.

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