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In this case, men and women will have different needs for remote controlled vibe the requirements of conjugal life. Therefore, under normal circumstances, normal coitus frequency is how much, and is too much coitus harmful to the health of it? When newlyweds first enter the marriage hall, they treat the couple life like a wolf like thirst, but as life goes on, a variety of life's trivial things rise to the surface and make a person feel overwhelmed.

Normal coitus frequency

1 Between the ages of twenty and remote controlled vibe thirty, married life typically occurs three to five times per week. After all, at this age, physical strength is at its peak and sex is more enthusiastic than ever. As a result, married life has the potential to strengthen and harmonize relationships.

2 Couples who are older than thirty but under forty-five years old tend to remote controlled vibe see each other less frequently, dropping from once a week to three or four times. However, because male sex drive is at its peak in this age group, couples might experience unending love.

3When a person reaches the age of forty-five, the frequency of couples will logically decline. People's sentiments for middle-aged couples have gradually returned to serenity after the initial love phase. At this point, couples' pursuits are no longer physically exciting but rather spiritually and emotionally fulfilling.

Although the above discussion of the average frequency of remote controlled vibe coitus served as an introduction, it should be noted that under normal circumstances, a frequency that is appropriate for more than this range is normal—as long as the individuals' bodies don't feel exhausted. However, when the bodies of individuals are abnormal, the frequency of coitus must be adjusted because too many couples living together will also be harmful to the individuals' health.

The effects of excessive coitus are explained as follows.

(i) bring about dysfunction

The S time will be immediately extended in male friends who engage in too much sex, and remote controlled vibe lengthy periods of time will cause their bodies to overdraft, resulting in premature ejaculation, impotence, and ejaculation time delay phenomena. lengthy periods of time may even cause X dysfunction.

(ii) Tired sexual organs

Both men and women's health will be negatively impacted by frequent marriage. The nerve center and load on the sex organs will both increase, the patient will undoubtedly experience physical exhaustion, and the sensitivity of the X-organ will also decrease over time, which will inevitably result in functional decline.

(iii)Sexual frigidity

A decreased reaction to sexual stimulation will result from frequent conjugal relationships, which will also lengthen the period before a response occurs.

(iv) Back ache

Frequent sexual activity will cause prolonged engorgement of the sexual organs and various illnesses, including prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. Patients with these conditions will also experience back discomfort and the phenomena of blood sperm at the same time. Long-term marriage can also create X-organ congestion in women. For example, persistent pelvic congestion can result in pelvic stasis syndrome, which can cause back discomfort and distension in the patient.

Frequent couples are bad for health, therefore they should either stop having sex for their own health or refrain from it altogether.

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