A rebound in popularity is expected for the eight "chip semiconductor" world-class industry segments

A rebound in popularity is expected for the eight "chip semiconductor" world-class industry segments

In response to the 7 nm breakthrough, new regulations are urgently needed! wafer prober "Sino-US chip showdown"?

A semiconductor chip is one of the most important components of today's high-tech field, which includes artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G communication, military equipment, and many other areas. In recent years, there has been a scenario of "Sino-US chip Armageddon" because of fierce competition between China and the United States in the chip field.

The 7-nanometer chip is a top-tier commercial product known for its enhanced performance, decreased energy usage, and compact size. probe test It is well-suited for various fields such as high-end smartphones, servers, and artificial intelligence. Only a select few global companies, including TSMC, Samsung, and Intel, have the capability to manufacture chips using 7-nanometer or smaller processes. Therefore, SMIC's success in overcoming the 7 nm technical challenge represents a significant advancement in China's semiconductor industry towards independent innovation and self-reliance.

How will semiconductor technology chips develop in the future?

Shortly, it is Xinghai, not China.

In plain English, I'll simply tell you that this is why I have always invested in semiconductors.

First of all, semiconductors are the direction that domestic substitutes must take, wafer probing and the United States is increasingly regulating semiconductor chips, which requires self-control. As the state places a high value on the semiconductor industry, its popularity continues to grow, further accelerating the process of breaking through the industry's key links.

Secondly, Bill Gates also said that the United States would never succeed in preventing China from making powerful chips. I also agree that the US approach would only "force" China to spend time and money to make their own chips.

It's true! As long as we try our best to do something, we will be able to achieve success!

As an industry, semiconductor chips exhibit obvious growth and cyclical characteristics. In one respect, the semiconductor industry is in the midst of a destocking cycle that began in the second half of last year and is expected to bottom in the second half of 2023, as people see every three years, the industry may be on the verge of a new rebound.

There is explosive product growth throughout every cycle of the semiconductor industry, such as previous smart phones and new energy smart cars, and this wave of driving force is the rapid "circle" of ChatGPT in 2023.

China's digital technology economy, AI intelligence, has become increasingly apparent as the characteristics of the next wave of science and technology research become more and more obvious. Similarly to the smart phone companies in 2008, our future will be similar. We will continue to iterate and eventually commercialize the technology in large areas, standing in a larger pattern, semiconductors are the core problem of science and technology!


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