Warm air heater successfully realizes intelligent features that are unexpected

Today's heaters come in a wide range of styles and performances, and they have intelligent features, so if you want to buy a high-quality product in one step, then you can consider intelligent products in advance. Many products not only retain the advantages of traditional products, but also optimize the performance, so that the intelligent features of the product become more prominent.

The heater supports intelligent temperature control

It not only has the function of warming, but also has the function of temperature control. It has a professional sensor, can always sense the surrounding temperature, and will control the temperature within a reasonable range. It is understood that most products default temperature control range of 16 ℃ to 30 ℃, the temperature control range can be adjusted back and forth, and air conditioning has the same thing, it can let us say goodbye to the cold and hot environment, and let the warm feeling just right.

Convection Heating Membrane

The intelligent features of the heater are also shown in the convection heating, which can suck out the cold air and exhale the warm gas, one inhalation and one exhalation, and increase the speed of warming. After using the convection heating design, can quickly drive away the cold air in the house, and heating release a large number of hot air, to achieve the role of the whole house into the warmth.

The heater can be intelligent timing

Its intelligent features are also shown in the intelligent timing, heating, naturally, to grasp the degree, can be set in advance of the shutdown time, do not need to manually shut down the machine, a sleep to dawn, the time to the system will automatically sense and shut down, the whole process will not take up any time in a single breath, but also efficient, the time of the control is very accurate, will not be any error, the accuracy of the time has been good.

Heater supports remote control

Part of the heater also supports remote control, if there are children at home do not have the means to operate by themselves, then parents can also be remote control, you can use a cell phone to control, of course, you can also use the configuration of the remote control in other rooms, the control effect is better, not only to save power, but also to maintain the room temperature of the constant temperature, so this product is slowly developing in the direction of intellectualization.



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