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Five WVU alumni, who will be awarded Fulbright Scholarships, will teach English or conduct research abroad over the next year.

Over 80 other WVU students have been named Fulbright Scholars.

The Penn State World Campus said, "These alumni clearly understand the importance of immersing oneself in another culture and the importance of making a positive global impact." Adding, "We're thrilled they will be representing Penn State and the United States overseas."

Valerie Browne, an author of creative writing with Russian studies and English majors, will serve as an English teaching assistant in Poland. With the recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Valerie is passionate about sharing culture and languages while working with Ukrainians displaced by the war.

“I’m really looking forward to helping Ukrainian refugees in a concrete way with my Fulbright scholarship," said the volunteer. "It's also an amazing opportunity to acquire international experience and learning new languages, as well as making cross-cultural bridges before I continue my studies."

Grant DuVall, Bridgeport's native, will work in Viljandi to offer lessons in various topics, such as American and English. The biology graduate also needs to explore Estonia's methods of addiction treatment.

“I am looking forward to seeing the natural beauty and spending more time traveling in Estonia this year,” he said. “My goal is to help out their largest harm reduction organization and be able to volunteer several weekends.”

Hailey Hall is going to Izmir, Turkey to teach English. She is looking forward to experiencing a new culture and learning about other life ways.

Recognizing the importance of being a cultured American citizen, Darcy wants to break down stereotypes between Americans and Turkish people. Her top priorities are to learn about the deep Turkish history and to learn the language. She said that she is really looking forward to trying some Turkish food after hearing only good things about it.

Living in New Zealand when he was younger, Wilson McNeil was captivated by the country's commitment to environmental protection. The civil and environmental engineering graduate will return to New Zealand for his Fulbright research, conducting research at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.

"Fulbright was an opportunity for me to study abroad and become a regional diplomat," he explained. "I am now looking ahead with the hope that my international experience will open many new opportunities in the future, as Fulbrights are prestigious master scholarship.

Josephine Valentine is teaching in Oviedo, Spain. She graduated with a Master's and Bachelor's in Elementary Education, as well as a Bachelor's in Spanish and a Minor in Music Performance. Currently, she works at her school where Spanish is the most widely spoken home language for students and many other students are English learners.

She said, "I want to come back to the U.S. and better serve students by connecting with their families through communicating in a shared language, while teaching students who are learning English."

ASPIRE Office supports students in their application for the Fulbright Scholarship, a nationally competitive award.


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