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Learning calligraphy requires hard work, but the method is also very important. A good learning method can really increase the learning efficiency by half. In the process of learning calligraphy, I have summarized and learned 3 relatively simple and effective methods of practicing chinese alphabet. Using these methods to practice is much more efficient than ordinary copying Many, but also very practical.

Three main methods are generally used:

decomposed copying method

The so-called decomposed copying is to separate the calligraphy techniques and practice them, so as to conduct targeted training more purposefully.

For example, one of my students, who always writes in profile, doesn't know what is the center, so I let him practice the "center line" alone, or practice Qin Xiaozhuan for several hours, because the main writer of the center line and Xiaozhuan are the center, Through such training, you can quickly understand what is the center, so as to master the center of writing skills.

Even at the beginning of learning, you can't practice calligraphy first, first practice the midline, sideways forward, lifting, turning, folding, separate the calligraphy skills, and practice the same, then it will be much easier to write.

Regarding this kind of training, Mr. Qiu has a book called "137 Practices of Calligraphy". It tells a very detailed story. Friends who want to practice calligraphy can buy it and have a look. This book was very inspiring to me, didn't have this book before, I copied the whole book from my teacher.

analytical copying

The ultimate goal of analyzing the copying method is to write an image, preferably exactly the same as the original post, instead of writing a copybook as a whole. It is necessary to break through individual characters and write repeatedly until the image is written.

For example, we practiced Wang Xizhi's "Lanting Preface" and chose a word "he" in the word "Nine Years of Yonghe". To copy this word repeatedly, you can use various methods, such as using a copier to enlarge and copy this word.

Or we can directly describe it on the enlarged font, or even outline the word on translucent paper with a pencil, and fill in the ink with double hooks. If the company still doesn't look like it, use a ruler to measure the company The length and angle of each different strokes are written according to a certain ratio.

Through this kind of training, we can greatly improve the ability of students' eyes to observe and learn copybooks, as well as the ability of our eyes and hands to work together. It may be because it is very slow when you first practice a word. This word may take two hours, one hour, three hours, and sometimes even two or three days.

But as long as you can write this word well, the remaining words will become easier and simpler. The second word may only take a day, and the third may only take a few hours. If this continues, there will be great progress.

This practice is much more effective than simple copying, which can also be checked and corrected, and then copied to be checked and corrected. Practicing the same word repeatedly actually improves the overall level of calligraphy virtually. Then, it is much easier to practice other words with this ability. This is a common method used by many colleges and universities to practice calligraphy.

learn to face

Facing copying is a kind of test, it is difficult to enter the state of creation from the state of copying, facing the copying of copying, you can quickly find your own shortcomings, and then carry out targeted training for your own shortcomings. Such training will be more focused and specific, and faster progress can only be made by closing gaps and closing loopholes, for the same reason we learn culture when we go to school.

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