What is air logistics? What are the characteristics of air logistics?

What is air logistics? What are the different characteristics of air logistics development? cargo booking Air logistics is also called airline logistics, air freight, and can also be referred to as air freight. Air logistics is a way to transport goods to all parts of the world by air, which is an important part of modern social logistics.

Air logistics provides safe, fast, convenient and high quality services. container shipping rates Air transport logistics has won a considerable market with its fast, safe and punctual characteristics, which greatly reduces delivery times, but the cost of air transport will be slightly higher than other logistics methods.

Characteristics of air logistics

The main characteristics of air logistics transportation are fast, flexible, safe, on time, fast, convenient, flexible, and not limited by terrain. freight booking Please refer to:

1. The delivery speed of air logistics transportation is fast.

The average speed of an airplane is between 600 and 800 kilometers per hour, which is one to two times faster than the speed of car, sea and rail transportation.

2. Low damage rate and good safety of air logistics transportation

The aircraft flies in the sky, reducing the turbulence of transportation on land and sea, and reducing the collision of enterprise goods in the transportation process, so we generally have good safety for Chinese goods, and will reduce the breakage rate of China's goods.

3. The space span of air logistics transportation is large

In the limited time, the space span of the aircraft is the largest. Normally, some wide-body aircraft can fly about 7,000 kilometers at a time and cross the ocean without problems. It only takes about 13 hours to fly from China to the West Coast of the United States, which is a big advantage for the transportation of some goods. For example, if animals are transported across oceans, it usually takes about half a month of shipping time, which is impossible to carry. Only by air freight can we guarantee a short period of time.

Air logistics transportation can save the related costs of production enterprises

Due to the rapidity of air transport, it can speed up the flow of goods of production enterprises, thereby saving the storage fees, insurance premiums and interest expenses of products. On the other hand, the acceleration of the product circulation speed also brings the turnover speed of funds, which can greatly increase the utilization rate of funds.

5. The freight rate of air transport logistics company is relatively high

Air freight is expensive and can cost more than 10 times the price of sea freight.

6. Limited air logistics capacity.

Due to the limitations of the carrying capacity of the aircraft itself, the volume of air cargo is usually much smaller than that of sea cargo. For example, the maximum carrying capacity of civil aircraft is 8,747 fully loaded freighters with a maximum carrying capacity of LL9 tons, which is far from the tens of thousands of tons and zero tons transported by sea.

7. Air logistics is subject to weather.

Heavy rain, wind, fog and other bad weather will affect the takeoff and flight of aircraft, so the transport development of air logistics companies is very affected by different weather, and occasionally there will be delayed arrival of goods.


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