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Accounting for costs is a crucial when it comes to transporting bulk logistics. Different modes of transportation management, such as sea, land or air transport, the calculation of costs are based on the basic realization of information about the goods in China. In order to be able to ensure the accuracy of the company's offer,transportation calculation the carrier needs us to analyze and understand in detail the specific data information of our cargo. In the case of land transportation, for example, since large cargoes usually need to be transported by full truckloads, quotes can usually be based on the type of vehicle.

Logistics bulk transportation costing can be summarized in the following steps.

1. If the shipper delivers the goods to the place designated by the carrier, and the carrier is responsible for transporting the goods from place A to place B, the consignee shall receive the goods at the place designated in place B... In this case, the freight includes only the bearing freight and does not include any surcharge.

2. If the carrier picks up the goods at the shipper's location and delivers them to the destination, but does not require door-to-door delivery, then the freight charges will be the cost of the logistics carrier plus the cost of the shopping cart used to pick up the goods.

3. When the shipper delivers the goods to the carrier and requests door-to-door delivery at the destination, the freight charges shall include the cost of the logistics carrier and the cost of delivery. If the carrier is required to provide unloading service,Intra Asia Routes it shall be clearly stated in the transportation document and the unloading and loading charges shall be increased accordingly.

4. If the shipper requires door-to-door provision of pickup and delivery personnel to the door, the freight charges shall include the corporate pickup fee, transportation fee and delivery fee, while the unloading fee and the loading fee shall be calculated by separate design. The pick-up fee and delivery fee are determined according to the development of the distance distance and the number of cargo information.

5. The freight charges for special goods (such as pianos, precision instruments, large items, dangerous goods, etc.) are higher than those for ordinary goods.

The specific calculation method of freight is as follows.

Heavy goods are generally calculated in tons, and unloaded goods in cubic meters.

b The standard re-foaming ratio is 1:4, i.e. 1 ton is equal to 4 cubic meters. A specific gravity greater than 4 is a foamed cargo and less than 4 is a heavy cargo.

c Cargo with a volume change of less than 1 cubic meter or a weight that can be less than 300 kilograms is considered to be a realized bulk cargo. Foam cargoes are valued on a per piece basis, with each 0.1 cubic meter converted to 1 piece; heavy cargoes are valued on a per kilogram basis.

There are also various surcharges to be considered.

Surcharges according to the characteristics of the cargo, such as overweight charges, overlength surcharges, wash charges, etc.

Surcharges for different ports, e.g. port surcharge, port congestion tax in London, choice of port fee, direct transportation surcharge, etc.

Surcharges for other reasons, e.g. fuel surcharge, depreciation surcharge, etc.

It is worth noting that there are a wide variety of surcharges, and some ventures may influence to occupy a large developing portion of the freight cost. Therefore, when calculating the freight rate, it is necessary to fully take into account students these surcharges.

In large-scale logistics transportation,pallet transport cost the following issues need to be noted:.

-Employees should develop an optimal transportation plan based on the particular product.

- Shippers should provide shippers with detailed descriptions of large pieces of equipment that have been processed through the relevant procedures before shipment.

-Strict implementation of the basic requirements for the transportation of bulky cargoes, such as the need to apply for a permit for oversized bulky cargoes exported to Hong Kong.

- Oversized transportation cargoes exported to Hong Kong, China need to be constructed in Shenzhen to complete the China-Hong Kong connection.

In the process of transportation, it is also necessary to carefully handle the formalities to ensure that all documents are complete. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of bundling the goods and the speed of transportation, as well as to choose a suitable parking location to ensure transportation safety.

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