Selection and purchase of electronic thermometer need to pay attention to three points

Electronic thermometer is easy to use, the measurement time is short, about 1 minute to produce results, more suitable for children. Products need to be calibrated regularly.

A child's normal temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius, but the basic temperature with an electronic thermometer has become 37 degrees Celsius, so the child does not exceed this temperature every day is normal. When choosing an braun forehead thermometer should pay attention to the following points.

1, according to the age of purchase

Consumers in the purchase of temperature time, you can refer to the purchase of thermometer age. Generally or in the 0-3 years old when you can buy electronic thermometer, but if you want to get the exact temperature of the baby, or recommend buying mercury thermometer better.

Because it can measure the temperature of the armpit, you can also measure the skin temperature, but the most accurate way to measure low fever or rectal temperature, both thermometers can be used for adults.

2, pay attention to special populations

Thermometer can give birth to us to measure body temperature, for special groups of people, the purchase of thermometers need to be more careful. For example, pregnant women in the purchase of temperature time, it is recommended to use the electronic thermometer, mercury-free safer.

To buy a special female thermometer, its accuracy requirements are higher, the measurement method is more comprehensive and accurate. When purchasing, it should be noted that the accuracy must be ±0.05℃ in order to be suitable for women to accurately measure their body temperature.

3、Buy according to demand

Strict temperature testing requirements, the thermometer's schematic value error of ± 0.1 ℃, the accuracy of the thermometer purchased by consumers must meet this requirement;

Second, carefully read the instructions, pay attention to the operating points. It can form a contrast with the glass thermometer to correctly determine. Whichever thermometer you choose, it is best to a person to avoid cross-contamination.


How precise is a thermometer on the forehead?

An oral temperature is typically 0.3°C (0.5°F) to 0.6°C (1°F) higher than a forehead (temporal) scanner.

Ear or forehead thermometer-which is more accurate?

As mentioned, older kids who don't mind having the thermometer felt in their ears may get incredibly accurate readings from the ear thermometer. The forehead thermometer is the best option for parents of younger children because it is soft and unobtrusive.

Accuracy of inexpensive forehead thermometers

According to studies, touchless thermometers are 97% accurate. When it comes to taking a temperature, a touchless infrared thermometer is a dependable, pleasant, and precise alternative. It is also very helpful for checking for fever in small babies as well as the rest of the family.

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