Independent sellers, how to choose the right collection management tools.

1. single rate: the rate of successful payment after the buyer's purchase.

Generally speaking, the collection rate is affected by whether the tool is compatible with the mainstream local payment methods. Generally speaking, the more compatible the tool is, global payments credit card processing the more compatible the buyer's payment habits will be.

This will greatly reduce the number of buyers who drop payments because the payment method is not supported.

2. Non-payment rate: The rate at which the buyer receives the goods and completes payment.

Generally speaking, when a buyer pays, the money does not go directly to the seller's account, but can be temporarily absent from the acquirer's development in order to improve the response to the probability of returns and refunds.

Once it occurs, the seller will lose two pieces of goods, even if it is very serious, the bank will simply close the collection channel.

A good acquiring tool will improve channel stability and directly block card payments with poor consumer credit.

3. Security

Including when it was established, the current operating status, the size of the fund, whether the shareholders background is deep, whether to comply with the rules and their own risk control rules.

4, collection tool rates.

The lower the rate, the lower the cost of collection tools to return funds, which is obvious.

5, cycle.

The shorter the settlement work cycle time, it means that the seller can get the money faster, corporate sellers in general, the money in their hands can be more secure.


Is Worldpay the same as Global Payments?

According to ratings from Global Payments's customers, the brand is ranked #- out of the top 1000 global brands. Their market value at now is $58.13B. According to ratings from Worldpay consumers, the brand is ranked #- on the list of Global Top 1000 Brands.
Comparing Global Payments with Worldpay 31%

Can you stop a credit card transaction in the middle of processing?

By getting in touch with the retailer and requesting that the sale be canceled, you might be able to stop a pending credit or debit card transaction. However, time is crucial. Reaching the seller a day or two before the item ships or before a pending charge posts to your account balance will help make the process easier.

How can I stop paying processing fees for credit cards?

Credit card processing costs are unavoidable, but businesses can take efforts to save thousands of dollars each month.
bargain with the companies that process credit cards. Reduce the possibility of credit card fraud. Make use of an address-verification service. Set up your account and terminal properly.
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