The application of artificial intelligence and big data in psychological measurement

As we all know, digitalization is in almost all aspects of people's lives. Therefore, technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data will naturally affect the field of psychological measurement. As we all know, artificial intelligence's incredible data processing and analysis ability. Just like providing rocket fuel for psychological measurement and development, these attributes are combined with big data. In psychological measurement, do you want to know what artificial intelligence and big data can be achieved? The following is some answers:

1. Recruit candidate.

Psychological tests in the past usually use logic to restore the purpose of analysis. Although these technologies have their advantages, they cannot compare the achievements of artificial intelligence (supplemented by big data) in this field. For example, human resources supervisors can use machine learning to determine the advantages and disadvantages of candidates. To this end, human resources supervisors will ask job seekers a series of questions during interviews or remote interviews. When the candidate answered the question, his behavior. Tone. Monitor facial expressions by artificial intelligence cameras. After the interview, the recruiters will use artificial intelligence to evaluate the perspective and judgment of candidates. Equipment and emotional intelligence, and degree of participation. Decision and supervision ability. In order to understand how candidates participate in cooperation, solve problems, and play a decisive role under high pressure, judge and evaluate these attributes.

Artificial intelligence and big data can also be used to evaluate the ability of candidates to complete their work within strict periods, as well as the ability to decide and solve problems. In addition to interviews and recruitment exercises, other skills can also be used to evaluate the personality of candidates. For example, recruiters can browse applicants' social media pages to understand their personality characteristics and their views on general themes. Rather than seeing someone's social media page, this should not be a way to make a negative evaluation of personal views. Instead, words or vision to express their thoughts. In short, the applicant's communication skills can be determined to a certain extent in this way. Artificial intelligence and big data can help recruiters find these data on the Internet, and then process these data through models and abnormal recognition, so as to find the potential personality characteristics of job seekers.

In addition, machine learning can be further used to integrate enhanced actual tools into candidates' recruitment. In order to evaluate the ability of candidates to deal with the actual operation crisis, enhancing real tools can create simulation similar to the real world. Artificial intelligence uses a large amount of information database of big data to evaluate the performance of candidates in this test. Without artificial intelligence and amazing big data range, it is impossible to achieve a new dimension to recruit and choose to recruit and choose to recruit candidates.

2. Election activities.

Maybe we have all heard how Anadard Trump helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election. Trump's campaign is one of the most data -driven political activities in history. However, before exploring, we must first understand the main purpose of psychological measurement and analysis.

Psychological tests are first used to obtain information about individuals (or a group of people), as well as their or evil for various topics. Views and opinions. How to process the data collector depends on the final result type. In this case, big data and artificial intelligence can help expand the psychological assessment of the entire country or the whole country. It turns out that a person's personality can persuade him or her to buy some products or services through research. More importantly, this information can be used to persuade individuals to vote to specific candidates or political parties in elections.

Let's take a look at the role of Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 US presidential election.

There are signs that this technology company has a period of contact with Trump before the campaign. The organization uses artificial intelligence and big data for psychological measurement to achieve an advantage in elections. Because the previous candidates mainly used the view of population statistics and the issues of other core voters, this method is particularly pioneering. In order to produce positive final results, Camid Anka introduced advanced psychological measurement in the group.

In order to succeed in the election, the organization also uses behavior science and voter supervision such as Ocean models, while using artificial intelligence -driven systems and model bombing personal concepts and advanced big data analysis.

In the initial stage of this process, the organization needs to purchase millions of people on the social media pages of Acebook and other well -known organizations. In addition to these records, we also collected and carefully analyzed the maintenance bill to be handled. Land and property registry. Shopping data. The purchase history and other detailed information of products and services. If the information is long and wide, it means that it covers several aspects of several people and everyone. In other words, this is big data. After collecting all these information, the British company collected and sorted out the data. In addition, the organization also classified everyone according to the five personality characteristics and deployed artificial intelligence tools.

On the basis of these information, the Republican presidential candidate gave a speech in the weak voters in their speeches, and these voters were more likely to be manipulated. In order to arouse personal resonance from all levels of society, the election speech was even carefully adjusted and customized. Drive by its high data -driven efforts, the company's income exceeds $ 5 million. However, in Trump's overwhelming victory, the real heroes are artificial intelligence and big data lte iot.

3. Marketing products and services.

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence and big data can be used to understand the characteristics of potential customers. Preferences and preferences to use specific. Targeted advertisements drowned their inbox. In some cases, using big data, including the social media pages of customers, the historical records of digital retailers, and even SMS for marketing.

Use big data to challenge psychological measurement.

Compared with artificial intelligence, big data is more important in the above application field. Therefore, the challenges that the organization may face when using big data for personality analysis is as follows:

1. The problems brought by big data are related to the reliability of information providing information on artificial intelligence system analysis. Existing data, technology and artificial intelligence algorithms will seriously affect the reliability of big data. The chaos and complexity of big data may bring problems to the artificial intelligence system, while prediction and high -level decision -making.

2. Both prejudice in artificial intelligence have always been a technical problem that needs to be overcome. With the increase of big data, the fairness of artificial intelligence output may still be a problem. In addition, the influence of artificial intelligence and big data is limited by the Internet closure of greenhouses to a certain extent. Therefore, in many cases, big data is not enough to include personal or family information, because these people cannot access the Internet or purchase computing devices.

3. After reliability and fairness, the user's privacy is facing challenges. As we see, a large number of artificial intelligence and big data (sometimes without the signing of the user) that use user data can produce the final result. Therefore, big data and artificial intelligence are constantly facing moral issues in this regard.


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